A Long Overdue Update, Including Photos

Hi everyone.  It’s been quite some time since we posted anything on here, but these days we tend to either see people in person (now that we’re back in Oz) or catch up via facebook.  But I know lots of you like to see photos of Ella so I’ve added a batch of photos from when she turned 2 onwards and also out latest mini holiday with Adrian’s family.

Nothing much has changed except that Ella keeps growing and learning new things.  She is constantly amazing us with what she understands – her language is quite advanced and her little brain is just always taking things in.  My favourite recently is her use of ‘but’, ‘and then’, ‘maybe’, ‘mine’, ‘yours’, ‘ours’, ‘I did’, ‘I do’, ‘I will’ etc in sentences and she even gets the context right!  Her favourite things to do at the moment are puzzles, picnics with her pretend food, singing & dancing and looking at the photos and videos on my phone.

We still have our regular outings – playgroup, Eenie’s house, swimming – plus lots of impromptu visits with Nanna and Aunty Katharine.  Unfortunately our gorgeous neighbours from across the road moved interstate so we don’t get to go over and see them whenever we want but we fill our time doing other things.

Last month I started working for the church one day a week, helping with the finances.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it and interested to see what it might lead to further down the track.  Adrian is still enjoying his work and continues to go back to London for 2 weeks every 6 months.  Ella and I get up to all sorts of mischief while he’s gone but we miss him heaps.

What prompted me to put some photos up was our weekend ‘away’ with Adrian’s family.  Adrian’s Nan passed away in June and we felt very privileged to be able to sit with her each day.  As a family someone was with Nan 24/7 in the last 2 weeks and in that time we forged quite a close bond.  Barbara then worked really hard to get us to keep that and try and do something each month, but to definitely go away.  It all got too hard so in the end we stayed at Paul & Michelle’s place in Ipswich and had a wonderful time together.  They had gone to a lot of effort to arrange ‘activities’ for us and basically any time we were back at the house we were eating – a perfect family holiday if you ask me! 😛

Anyway we hope you are all well.  Enjoy the photos 🙂

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