Meeting the Twins in Townsville

Last weekend Adrian, Ella and I spent 4 days in Townsville meeting our twin nieces, Imogen & Anabelle.  While waiting at the airport we realised the flight up there would be Ella’s 16th flight!  But this was the first time that Ella showed interest in what was happening.  She sat on my lap looking out the window so she could see.  When we arrived she was telling Grandma all about it, saying ‘plane, up, up, sky, sun’.  Later on she added ‘fast, fast, zoom’ to the story.  

We spent our time at Lisa’s house helping with washing, meals and the twins.  Although it was busy we had a lovely time.  Ella and Maddie (who is only 3 months younger) played really well together (most of the time) and Ella was her usual charming self.  She spent most of her time running around with Maddie or reading with Grandma.  I think my favourite quote was when we were making sure she was sharing and so when she’d finished having her go on the rocking horse she would hop off saying ‘no Ella turn, Maddie turn’ with a big smile 🙂  There was the occasional ‘barny’ but all in all they were very good together.

It was nice to be there for Lisa’s Birthday and I enjoyed helping her make her Birthday cake.  I’ve learnt some tricks of the trade to apply to my own baking and it was good sister-in-law bonding 🙂  It was also nice to see Ella enjoying herself in the pool and swimming around from person to person.

It is a shame that we don’t see Adrian’s family more often but we are very much looking forward to Grandma coming for a visit in May.  And in the meantime I have put a whole heap of photos up for everyone to see.  There were lots of funning and cute things from the trip but it’s hard to capture them all in a blog like this.  Hopefully the photos will do that instead 🙂

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