Wild Weather

Here in ‘sunny’ Brisbane we have had some wild and woolly weather.  It has been raining constantly since Friday and has only just stopped before dinner (it’s Monday here).  All day Sunday the rain was extremely heavy and with it came very high winds, so basically there was no point using an umbrella.  Just going from our car to Katharine’s front door resulted in a drenching!  I had to take Adrian to the airport after lunch (he’s gone to Canberra for a week long conference) and the roads were very wet – drove 20km/hr under the speed limit the whole way and even that felt a bit fast.  Later on Steve came with me back to our house to check there was no water or any other damage in the house.  We couldn’t believe how much water was in the park down the road from us, especially considering there’s not normally any there!  Ella and I braved the night on our own and survived, although at one point I was quite convinced the swing set was going to do a mary poppins!

Thankfully we are all safe, while unfortunately there are many parts of Queensland flooding again, with the rain and wind now heading down the coast into NSW.  Today a good friend of mine, Deb, came over and spent the afternoon with Ella and I.  We went to the lake where we feed the ducks and were met with water over the path we normally walk on.  We had fun splashing about with Ella and took a few photos.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who are evacuating, especially those who were hit hard in the 2011 floods as well.  My photos are now on the blog for those who are interested.

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