Festive Season 2012

Well the last month or so has been very busy here at the Sutton house.  We’ve spent lots of time with little Patrick and also enjoyed getting Ella more involved in Christmas Festivities.  

It all kicked off with her playgroup break-up party, which involved lots of food and some presents.  The leader had also done up a wonderful scrapbook of all Ella’s art and craft throughout the year, with photos and other keepsakes.  Then one Saturday night we all (Mum, Dad, Katharine, Steve, Patrick, Eenie and the 3 of us) had dinner together and then went looking at Christmas lights.  We went to the street winner so that we could park the car and walk up one side and back the other.  It was lovely to see Ella getting all excited and calling out ‘star’, ‘santa’, ‘light’ and playing with the patterns the lights made on people’s driveways.

Fran and I took Sarina and Ella on a big adventure one Wednesday (our catch up day).  We took them on the bus (Ella’s first bus trip) into the city and up to the top of the Myer centre to see Santa. They had a little train ride for the children to go on and then we waited to see Santa.  We then went back down to look at the Christmas windows and make our way home.  It was a lovely little outing which I look forward to doing again next year.

We had our annual Christmas Tree party last weekend and although very different from our usual UK experience we had a lovely day with family and friends.  We look forward to continuing the tradition next year.  The following day was our church’s carol service.  I had been attending rehearsals with the choir so was very excited to be performing again after such a long time.  They went well and Ella sat still for most of the service, snuggling in to one of us when we were singing.

Adrian finished work on Thursday so on Friday we took Ella to have her photo taken with Santa.  When we got there she was all excited and wanted to see Santa straight away.  We had to explain about waiting for our turn so she ran around the shops while one of us kept our spot in the queue.  It wasn’t long before it was our turn but by then Ella just wanted to play.  She was happy to sit on my lap so the photographer suggested we have a family photo which turned out to be really nice – it’s on the website along with a whole heaps of other photos from the last month and a bit.

On Sunday we had a mini Christmas with Craig (my half brother) and his girls which was just a taste of how much fun our real Christmas is going to be.  Mum, Dad, Katharine, Steve, Patrick and Eenie are coming to our house for the day – we are so excited!

So that gets you up to date right up till Christmas Eve and I will post again towards the end of the week.  I will of course put lots of Christmas photos up but in the meantime please take a look at the ones I’ve just uploaded 🙂


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