Camping Trip

On the weekend Adrian, Ella and I went on our first ever family camping trip.  We joined the rest of our growth group from church (as well as one of the other groups) at Boreen Point on the Sunshine Coast.  We borrowed camping gear from Katharine and Steve and managed to enjoy the whole weekend with no problems or mishaps.  Ella enjoyed playing in the lake on Saturday morning and then running around amongst the cricket game in the afternoon.  She actually enjoyed pretty much every part of the weekend and everyone loved her little antics.  She helped everyone sweep out their tents and then was ‘cleaning’ their cars with a chux cloth.  We had a great time getting to know our growth group better and making some new friends from the other group.  We are looking forward to more camping trips in the future, especially next year’s growth group trip 🙂  We didn’t take many photos, but I’ve got some from others that were there too, so there’s a few up on the site now.

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