Lots of New Photos

Last weekend was a busy one for us with all of Gradma’s family getting together in Toowoomba to celebrate her 60th birthday. Afterwards, we had Adrian’s sister Lisa, Danny and Maddie stay with us so we went with them and Oom Pa Pa to see Nan (Adrian’s Grandmother). Since we were back in photo taking mode we also got a bunch of general photos of Ella playing and being silly. So in all there’s three new albums for you to look through.  I’ve also made the full size images from Toowoomba available for those that want them, either the full set (600Mb) or without quite so many versions of the same shot (200Mb).

I’m writing this from Sinapore airport on my way to London for two weeks to catch up with work colleagues (and meet quite a few people who have been hired since I left), leaving Janet and Ella to fend for themselves back in Brisbane. I’m sure they’ll be just fine but I’m missing my girls already so it could be a long two weeks for all of us. Hopefully we’ll be able to afford for them to come with me on the next trip over.

One Response to Lots of New Photos

  1. Richard and Sandy says:

    Loved all the new photos !!! I am so pleased that you took lots of photos of everyone together in Toowoomba and at your place and also at Molly’s!! Some of them will go in Ella’s second scrapbook album.