Another Big Month

A lot has happened since our last post, although that was only 1 month ago.  Unfortunately the biggest event was my Nan passing away at the end of August.  Mum and Dad went to Leeton (2hr flight to Canberra and then 4.5hr drive) on the Wednesday and then we (Adrian, Ella, me, Katharine, Steve & Craig) followed on the Thursday.  The funeral was on Friday afternoon which allowed us all to spend Saturday together, enjoying catching up and taking photos.  We came home on Sunday (Mum and Dad followed on Monday) and met Cheryl at the airport as she was spending a few days with us.

Ella had a confusing weekend, meeting lots of new people, seeing her Nanna (Mum) in Leeton not Camp Hill and then finding Grandma at the airport, but we are so proud of how well she managed everything.  We spent a lovely couple of days with Cheryl before taking her to a motel where she met the others to go on their trip to Vietnam.  The next day was my Birthday which was a bit of an anticlimax as we all came back from Leeton sick.  But we made up for it that weekend with an awesome dinner party with Mum, Dad, Katharine, Steve and Eenie.  We made the dress code cocktail so that everyone had to get dressed up.  We had a beautiful 3 course meal, used the Royal Doulton dinner set and even made name cards and menus.  The only thing we didn’t do was take photos, oops.

I’ve had another day of supply work at MBC so Mum and I went on a shopping trip and I now have a whole new summer wardrobe 🙂  Ella had a swimming lesson orientation last week – she wasn’t very happy about being in the water.  She used to love it in the UK and has only been a couple of times at Easter, so I think it’s just been so long since she was in the pool that she was a bit scared.  She starts proper swimming lessons this week and I’m sure it won’t take her long to love it again.  She says all sorts of words now, but my favourites are probably ‘stuck’, ‘gone’, ‘byeee’ and ‘hat’.  We think she is very clever, recognising shapes, animals, numbers etc on puzzles and things.  She is still my little helper, putting clothes in the dirty clothes basket, giving me pegs when I hang out the washing, helping to carry things, putting the groceries on the conveyor belt etc.

We spent Saturday with Adrian’s family this week which was really nice.  In the morning Paul and Michelle came and helped get our front garden planted.  Then in the afternoon we went up to Molly’s place where all the family had gathered for her 88th Birthday.  We took some family photos and all had afternoon tea and then dinner together.  Everyone loved playing with Ella and we enjoyed seeing everyone too.  I always love spending time with the Burbank mob – they always make me feel like a special part of the family 🙂

There are some more photos up and we will continue to post more, especially as Ella is growing and changing so rapidly.

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