Home is Where the Heart Is

Yesterday marked 6 months since we arrived back in Australia, sad about leaving our friends behind, but excited at the adventures ahead.  And what a jam-packed 6 months it’s been!  The biggest milestone has been buying our first home, but we’ve also bought a new car, established ourselves in a new church, made new friends and even fitted in a trip to Townsville to see the rellies.  

Moving back to Australia has clearly been the right decision as things have just been falling into place for us.  It’s great to be so close to family so that we can have family lunch on the weekend and catch up through the week too.  Mum and Dad have dinner with us every Wednesday so that they can then watch Ella while we go to Growth Group.  Katharine has Mondays off, so we often have lunch with her or see her in the afternoon.  Ella and I also get to spend time with Fran and Sarina (our Goddaughter) each Wednesday which is really nice too.  We spent lots of time visiting Eenie after she had her foot operation and since recovering, we still enjoy seeing her once or twice a week.  We unfortunately don’t see Adrian’s family as much with his Mum and sisters being in Townsville and his Dad in Ipswich.  But we get together from time to time and it’s certainly a lot easier than it was in the UK!

Ella is now 16 months and is growing and changing all the time, but one thing remains constant – she is just so adorable.  The amount she takes in and understands is astounding for her age and it makes it an absolute pleasure to be at home or out and about with her.  I think my favourite thing at the moment is that at the mention of an outing (to the shops or Nanna’s or just outside to put the bins out) she goes and gets her shoes.  After one wrong attempt, she now knows which shoes she has to wear for ‘playing’ but if I tell her to get her nice shoes she gets her ‘pretty’ ones.  Her latest obsessions are climbing on things and putting our shoes on and walking around the house.

The photos on our website are up to date, but will continue to put more of Ella as we take them.  For those reading this, if you’re in Brisbane please let us know when you’re free so we can catch up, and if you’re in the UK please send us an email with your news coz we miss you all xoxo

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