New Car!

This morning Adrian and I left Ella with Nanna and Poppa so we could do some car shopping.  We were thinking we’d get a second hand car, but looked at all the new ones to get an idea of what was out there and to look at the boot space on each of them.  We looked at Fords, Mazdas, Subarus, Holdens and Hyundais.  The Hyundai dealer was the last one we went to and after looking around decided to go into the showroom to get some information about the i30 wagon.  We are so glad we did as we were informed of an exceptional deal they are having since the i30 wagon is now only made with left-hand drive (and so not sold in Australia).  We thought about it during the day and decided to go back for a test drive.  We left Ella with Fran this time so she could have a play with Sarina.  We were really happy with the car and since we had always talked about upgrading to a wagon when we could afford it in a few years, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have one now since it was just in our price range.  We signed the paperwork to buy one of the last 2 i30 wagons.  It’s a dark silver colour and is the base model but comes with cruise control and fog lights.  We will hear more at the start of the week, but are expecting to pick up our new car next weekend.  We are very excited, me especially as this is the first new car I’ve owned!  Yaaaay 🙂

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