Grandma’s Visit

Last week Cheryl came to stay with us for a week to spend some quality time with Ella (and Adrian and I of course).  The first few days it rained non-stop which didn’t bother Ella at all since all she wanted to do was read stories with Grandma.  I think Cheryl has probably memorised Ella’s library at the rate she was reading and re-reading everything!  We went to rhyme time on Friday while Cheryl caught up with Mum and then we all had lunch together.  We had family lunch on Saturday and then on Sunday after church we took Grandma to the Gold Coast for the day.  Luckily we heard on the way that the GC Marathon was on, so we ditched our original plan and headed further south to Coolangatta.  We went for a nice walk along the boardwalk and found a cute little cafe for lunch.  We then played in the park for a bit before heading home.  

Unfortunately we had to take Cheryl home on Tuesday evening – it would have been nice to have her stay for another week. As well as reading constantly, Grandma also managed to teach Ella some new things.  The best one that stuck was ‘uh oh’ but she also learnt ‘keys’ and ‘fish’.  She also learnt how to go ‘snap’ with her hands for the crocodile (from the spot book) and how to do the actions for twinkle twinkle little star.  So all in all a great visit for everyone.  We’re looking forward to seeing Grandma again in September 🙂

I am just about to post some photos from our week with Cheryl as well as some other photos from the last few weeks.

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