House Photos!

Getting settled into the house with all the little odds and ends that entails has been taking up all our time, but we’ve finally managed to get some before and after photos of the house up so you can have an idea of what it looks like and just how massive the cleaning and painting effort was.

We’ve got most things sorted out now but are still waiting for the lounge suite and drawers for Ella’s room to arrive, plus we’ve discovered we need a new TV antenna which will be installed on Tuesday. All the boxes have been unpacked, though we’re sure that things will migrate around a bit before finding their permanent homes. Thankfully we have loads of cupboard and storage space. We’ve even hung a few pictures on the wall and getting more of those up will be our on-going project for the next few weeks.

Ella has been enjoying her new home as well – it’s set up to be kid friendly so she can run around pretty much anywhere and we don’t have to worry about what she’s getting into.  She loves playing outside and is getting to know the kids from across the road.  We’re amazed at how much Ella understands – waving goodbye when we’re leaving and saying “deeya”, putting things back where she got them from when asked to and in the last couple of days she’s even started saying “ta” when we give her things.  Hopefully we’ll get some more photos of her up soon too.

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