Another House Update

We had a very productive weekend working on the house again. We got the kitchen, bathrooms and hallways repainted, leaving just the laundry to be done.  Richard has fixed up a wall in the laundry which took a fair bit of work which is why we haven’t finished it off yet.

We also took all the boxes that were stored at Sandy and Richard’s place down and unpacked most of the kitchen stuff. It was great fun to go back through all our engagement and wedding presents re-discovering things that we’d forgotten about.

On Thursday a new solar hot water system will be installed replacing the small, leaking electric one and our fridge will be delivered then too. We’ve also been looking at carpet options to re-carpet the lounge which hopefully we can decide on and get installed fairly soon.

So it’s all systems go – we’re really just waiting to hear when our shipment from the UK will come through customs so that we have a cot and change table for Ella, plus the futon so we have something to sit on until our awesome new couch arrives in June. Now that all the painting tools have been packed up a bit we can really start to see the place looking like a home which is very exciting. We’re really happy about how well it has come up and are so grateful for all the help we’ve had to get the place ready.

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