February Flies By

February has been a big month for us. Considering it’s been over a month since our last post, there’s no way I can catch you up on everything, so will just stick to the major points.

On Saturday 5th Feb we said goodbye to Mum and Dad after a wonderful 8 weeks together over Christmas and the following day we moved in to Wanda and Alan’s place. The shipping company came and packed up our things on Monday, we had the flat cleaned on Tuesday, carpets done on Wednesday and Thursday was our final check-out inspection. In amongst all that we caught up with all our friends to say goodbye. We then spent the weekend relaxing with Wanda and Alan, making sure to fit in some quality time with them. We even went for one last English walk in the countryside, in the snow! (photos to come)

After lots of difficult goodbyes and a very special 10 days with Wanda and Alan (where Ella learnt all sorts of new tricks including climbing the stairs) we boarded our one way flight back to Australia, arriving in Brisbane on Friday 17th Feb.

This week we have spent a bit of time getting things sorted with the bank, phones etc. We had a lovely weekend for Mum’s 60th Birthday last weekend and this weekend was just as good. We had all Mum’s girlfriends here yesterday for afternoon tea and then today, after seeing Adrian’s Nan, we spent the evening in awe of Ella taking her first steps. Yes, you read right – Ella walked!!!!

At first it was just a few steps, but after a little while she was taking up to 10 steps from person to person, all the while giggling and smiling at herself. Watch the video below and see for yourself 🙂

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