Bruges Day 2

This morning we gave Ella her breakfast in our hotel room and then went downstairs to have our own. We then decided to go to the Belfry while we had the energy required to climb the tower – 366 steps in total! I was carrying Ella in her baby carrier, which was fine going up (although quite tiring) but quite difficult coming back down as I couldn’t see where I was going and the winding staircase was quite narrow. It was worth it though for the 360 degree view we got from the top.

After a brief look at some of the shops, we walked back to the hotel and got the pram out of the car. We took a nice scenic walk through the canals to the Half-Moon Brewery, then found one of many chocolate shops that had nice take-away hot chocolates. We kept walking to the Minnewater (lake of love), where it is said that if you throw a coin into the lake you will find your true love. Since Adrian and I already have each other, we gave Ella a coin and helped her to throw it in. From there we continued our walk to the main train station where we found a nice little place for all 3 of us to have lunch.

The reason we had gone to the station was because they had an ice sculpture exhibition on the square in front of the station. This year the theme was Disney, so we paid our money and put any available piece of clothing on to prepare for the sub-zero temperature. The sculptures were amazing but it didn’t take Ella long to get grumpy (and I was freezing) so we had a quick look at everything and then made our way to the exit.

We walked back to the hotel so that Ella could have some play time and her afternoon tea, and then went back out again to buy some beer. Adrian bought two packs of local beers – one pack for himself and one pack for Dad. It was too hard to carry around, so back to the hotel we went. We then went and had a look at some more shops and Ella fell asleep in the pram again so we kept wandering, going down streets we hadn’t explored yet. We decided it would be easier to feed Ella in the hotel room, so we did that and then carried her to our restaurant choice for tonight, on the corner of the Markt. Tonight we both had Waterzooi Chicken (chicken in a creamy soup) and asked the waiter for some bread for Ella to munch on (she happily devoured mine last night and was a good tactic for keeping her occupied).

Adrian has put up some photos from yesterday and is currently sorting through the ones from today. It turns out I’m not chief photographer this trip – he took photos today while I carried/pushed Ella.

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