Bruges Day 1

This morning, after our usual routine, we drove to Folkestone and then DROVE onto the train which took us across to Calais. What an experience, it was quite surreal. When we got to the check-in booth the computer asked us if we would like to take the earlier train at no extra cost, so we of course said yes. We had just enough time to grab a sandwich and then start boarding. I took lots of photos (I seem to be chief photographer this trip), mostly to show Dad but also to show Ella when she’s a bit older.

The crossing only took half an hour and during that time we managed to give Ella her lunch in the car. We drove to de Panne and then took the coast road to Oostende. Although it was nice to be off the motorway the drive wasn’t as nice as we thought it would be. We found a services to stop at to give Ella her afternoon bottle and snack and then drove to our hotel (Hotel Aragon) in Bruges.

We checked in and then let Ella have a play on the floor for a while before heading off to explore a bit. Our hotel is only a 2 minute walk from the main Markt area which is absolutely stunning at night. We wandered around for a bit and took note of some shops to go back to tomorrow and then starting looking for somewhere to have dinner. The main criteria were not too fancy (coz we had Ella), had to serve local cuisine and had to have a highchair. We found a lovely little restaurant where Ella made lots of friends. Adrian fed Ella her dinner while we waited for our meals (we both had Flemish Beefstew, a stew done in dark Belgian beer) and then she happily devoured some bread while we ate.

We had a quick look for the belgian waffle place we had seen earlier, but it was closed, so we just went back to the hotel for some more playtime with Ella. Before we knew it, it was time for bath, bottle and bed. We’ve just been watching TV, looking at our photos from today and relaxing. Adrian has just asked me how I managed to take 155 photos in one day, when all we really did was drive – I guess I take after my Dad 🙂

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