Post-Christmas Ella Update

Since Laura arrived we have had a very full house (5 adults and Ella) but we’ve all been enjoying each other’s company and Ella is loving all the attention. I’ve spent lots of time doing things with Laura and helping her to look for somewhere to live. It was really nice to have her here for new year so that we could all spend the evening together. Mum made a roast for dinner and then we spent the evening playing games and eating! We watched the fireworks on TV and then went to bed soon after. The evening was topped off with a lovely bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Campagne, a gift from Laura’s Mum, Helen.

On new year’s day, we walked down to church (coz we wouldn’t all fit in the car) for the 11am service. Church had decided to combine the 9.15 and 11am services so that people didn’t have to get up quite so early. This meant we were in town for lunch, so we went to the Bear pub and then walked home again. The church do a new year’s day walk every year, but because the 1st fell on a Sunday, this year the walk was on the Monday. Unfortunately Laura couldn’t come with us as she had a meeting at her new school, but the rest of us went to the meeting point in White Waltham and joined 99 (so I’m told) others for a beautiful 3-4 mile walk which took about 2 hours. I carried Ella in her baby carrier (front pouch) and she loved it – I just had to hold her hands towards the end and occasionally sing to her.

Speaking of Ella, the main reason for writing this blog was to tell you her new achievements. She has her first tooth!! This is making her even better at eating, so we’ve tried her on some new things like strawberries, mango, nectarine and tonight she even had her first tim tam (just a little bite). She has also learnt worked out how to go from lying down to sitting up and can then pull herself up to a standing position using something like a chair, the lounge or a person as leverage. She is such a clever little thing (no surprises with us as parents, lol) – I was showing her how to put one of her new balls into the stacking cup yesterday and after trying it a few times herself she now loves to show everyone how she can do it. She has even worked out how that she sometimes needs to turn the cup over to then put the ball in it.

We have heard Ella giggling before, but only ever little chuckles. But the other day she was really laughing her head off at Adrian, who was juggling at the time. She thought it was hilarious, particularly when he dropped the balls. Since then a couple of things have made her really laugh and it’s so adorable.

Mum and Dad are off to Switzerland tomorrow so Adrian and I decided to have one last holiday in Europe before we move home and figured that was the best time to do it so that Nanna and Poppa wouldn’t miss out on Ella cuddles. We are going to take the car on the Eurotunnel and then drive to Bruges (in Belgium for those of you who aren’t good with geography). Not sure if we’ll have internet access so the blog might have to wait until after we get back.

In the meantime there are some more photos on our site. Hope you all had a nice new year and are settling well into 2012. Lots of love xoxo

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