Food and Other Recent Purchases

Two weeks ago Ella had her first solid food. We have a brilliant machine that can cook, blend and reheat food, so I’ve been using fresh veggies to make up pots of food and put them in the freezer. So far Ella’s tried potato, carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin (in that order), with carrot being her favourite so far. She only has ‘lunch’ at the moment, but on the weekend we will be adding ‘breakfast’ to her daily menu.

Other than her first solids, we’ve been doing our usual – mothers group, baby yoga (that’s a new one we’ve started on a Tuesday for 7 weeks), bumps and babes, rhyme time and any other socialising we can fit in.

Today we walked into town so that I could have some more of our professional photos printed ready to frame. I had previously seen some gorgeous clothes for Ella so I decided which items I really wanted and went and bought them. I bought a gorgeous knitted dress with matching tights (for Christmas Day), a pair of purple trousers (which I think are the cutest things I’ve ever seen), and her very own gilet – see photos below:

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