Rolling On …

Since arriving back in the UK, things have not slowed down. We arrived on Friday night and Wanda was there to meet us – she even had a bag with bread, milk, bacon, eggs and bananas. We spent most of Saturday unpacking and sorting things out and then in the afternoon we took Ella to her first swimming lesson. Adrian went in the pool with Ella while I sat on the side and watched. They did all sorts of things, going from one side of the pool to the other. They both really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week’s session.

On Sunday we had a lazy day and I went to church in the evening on my own. Yesterday we went to mothers group and it was really nice to see everyone again – you notice how much the babies grow when you don’t see them for a few weeks. At mothers group, Ella decided to roll and she must have realised that being on her tummy isn’t that bad coz she just keeps rolling. Every time I put her on the ground (or even my lap or the change table) she rolls! Only problem is, she hasn’t worked out hoe to roll back yet so I have to keep doing it for her.

She was also a very good girl, and after a few unsettled nights, slept through again last night. She woke up early (by my standards) but at least we had unbroken sleep until then. This afternoon we have our first session of baby yoga and tomorrow bumps and babes starts back up again. Busy, busy, busy but that’s how we like it 🙂

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