More News of our Gorgeous Girl

I realised it’s been a while since our lost blog … sorry about that, we tend to get busy. Probably the best thing we’ve done since last time was had a visit from Barbara (Adrian’s Aunt) and her partner Keith. They were over here visiting Keith’s son who had a baby within a few days of Ella. They came over one afternoon and spent a bit of time with Ella and I before Adrian got home from work and then we all had dinner together. It was so nice to see them, and we realised that Barbara was the first person from Adrian’s side of the family to meet Ella, so it was an extra special visit.

That same week Ella and I went to mothers group, a retirement party (afternoon tea at a nice hotel), bumps and babes and the pub for end of year drinks with my friends from school/work. That weekend we were invited to the reunion for the antenatal group we spoke to when Ella was only 4 weeks old. They thought it would be nice for us to come so that we could see their babies and hear their stories, and they could see Ella again. Ella looked really big in comparison 🙂

Since then we’ve spent our weeks going to mothers group on a Monday and then catching up with other people, walking, going for picnics, doing the groceries, cleaning etc. We also managed to finally print some photos for the frame we gave Adrian for Father’s Day. It has pride of place in the lounge room and looks gorgeous.

Ella is now a ‘big girl’. She’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and we’ve reached a few milestones. We took the ‘baby’ head rest and bum support bit out of her car seat, she now ‘sits up’ in her pram so that she can see things while we’re walking, and she faces outwards in her baby carrier. She also went for her first swim last weekend. We took her to the pool at the Maidenhead Leisure Centre and she seemed to quite like it. She wasn’t as happy and splashy as she is in the bath, but I think that’s because there were a lot of people around and it was quite noisy. Adrian was trying very hard to not get anyone else in the photos, but he got in trouble form the lifeguard for taking them. Nevertheless we got a few smiles out of her and she was very curious. Our little girl is a massive sticky beak – she likes to look around and see what’s going on. We have her sitting up in her pram simply because she was getting grumpy lying down. When we got to the train station to ‘collect Daddy’ I would have to take her out so she could perch on my hip and check out what was happening. So we made the move and it’s great – it fits so much better in the car now and is much quicker to assemble.

Ella is very strong and likes standing up on our laps. She’s also nearly rolled over several times, from back to front, but not quite. One thing she can do is grab her feet, and she is very proud of herself when she does – quite cute.

Ella continues to greet us with beautiful big smiles in the morning, and continues to be happy and talkative throughout the day, although she has been a bit grumpy this week. Upon close inspection of her mouth, it would appear she has some teeth starting to come through, which would explain the ‘mood swings’. In general though, she’s still our cheeky little possum (as I like to call her) and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. We may be biased, but we think she’s just the best thing ever!

Don’t forget to check out the latest photos – there’s some real ‘awww’ moments 🙂

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