BREAKING NEWS! Ella just rolled for the first time! She was playing on her playmat in the hallway while we had our dinner, and she rolled from back to front! Considering the result of her rolling is tummy time, I’m not sure how often this will happen. In the half an hour that’s passed, she’s already tried to do it again several times, but keeps getting her legs tangled. Won’t take her long to realise what she did and do it again. Look out people, she’s on the move – she’ll roll her way to Australia if she has to! 🙂

2 Replies to “Ella’s on the Move”

  1. Congratulations Ella. Well done. Should be fun on the plane rolling around the floor!! The extra leg room with the baby bed should be well used. Great to hear the news and we are really looking forward to your arrival. I get back to Bris Tue so will be there 10 days before you so can meet you at the airport which will be very exciting. Have to say there is a lot of excitement building in Tsv as well. Got the second car seat yesterday so there will be one in the Ute for Madison to go to Ingham on weekends. Also means there is a second one available for Ella while in Tsv. All is ready for your visit to the north and everyone is looking forward to it. Love Paul

  2. We can’t wait to see this new skill in person!! Only 12 more sleeps……… love you lots, Mum and Dad XO

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