More Visitors & Ella’s Update

Ella has been very spoilt with lots of special visitors and this week was no different. My cousin Nicole and her daughter Neve are over here on holidays, while Nicole’s husband Grant is at home working hard (I trust that’s what you’re doing Grant). Nicole & Neve came over on Thursday morning for some cuddles and a catch up. It had been a few years since we last saw each other so it was nice to have a chat. Neve loved playing with Ella which was really sweet.

After they left, Ella and I got dressed into our matching outfits (yellow tops and denim shorts) ready for sports day at school. The first time I took Ella in to meet everyone, some of my friends weren’t there, so I thought sports day would be a good opportunity to wander round. We stayed for a couple of hours and then headed home, out of the wind.

On Friday morning I took Ella for her 12 week immunisations. She handled them much better than the 8 week ones – she still cried hysterically, but this time I was able to calm her down within a minute or two. She was again a bit sooky during the day, wanting extra cuddles, but that’s not a bad thing. After dinner I fed Ella and then left her here with Adrian (hoping she would go straight to sleep) so that I could go to the school summer social. It was held at The Great House in Sonning, where we go each year, so everyone ate outside and then went inside for dancing. It was great to catch up with everyone and have a good boogie!

So, a few people have asked me to give an update on what Ella is doing these days. Most things you can tell by the photos, like her big smiles she does (in response to different things, usually one of us smiling at her or blowing her a kiss). She spends most of her time on the floor, kicking about and playing with her toys. Her two (or should I say my two) favourites are the colourful ‘winkel’ and Sophie the giraffe, because she can hold them and chew them. She’s also making lots more noises now, and will often try to copy what Adrian or I say. The other day she was copying Adrian making a ‘mm hmm’ kind of sound and she also tries to mimic the way I say ‘hi’ to her. We give her lots of tummy time, but she’s not really showing any interest in rolling over just yet. She can lift her head right up and look all around, but she doesn’t seem to want to roll. She does, however, desperately want to sit up. When she’s sitting on our lap, she can just about hold herself there. Most of the time I just hold her around the bottom of her waist and she sits upright and very tall. When we lie her on our laps (with her feet up against our stomach) she grunts and goes red in the face trying to sit up. She uses our hands to pull herself part of the way up and then we help her the rest of the way. Once she’s sitting up, she looks at us with a very proud grin. She’s now in the 3-6 month size for clothing (or 00 in Australian sizing) so she’s got lots of outfits just waiting to be tried out.

Well I think that’s about it. There are photos up as well. We have a very busy week ahead so I’ll be sure to post a blog next weekend.

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