Laughing with Laura

On Friday night Adrian went to the airport (while I stayed home to feed Ella) to pick up Laura. For those of you who don’t know, Laura is a very good friend who I met while I was in the Queensland Youth Choir. She has come over to see what it’s like to live in England and to spend some time with the 3 of us.

After we had a bit of a quick catch up and something to eat, Laura went to bed so that she would be rested for the weekend. On Saturday we did our usual tourist drive around the local area – past my school to Henley where we had a walk and an ice cream, and then to Marlow where we had another walk along the river. We had an easy stir fry for dinner and Laura had a fairly early night. On Sunday morning we went to church and then after lunch Laura went exploring while we went to the reunion with our antenatal class. All the Mums, Dads and babies were there, except one couple as the Mum is unfortunately in hospital. All the Mums meet up every Monday, but it was nice to have all the Dads there as well. Towards the end of the afternoon we put the babies on blankets on the floor for a photo or two ….. or twenty (see the photo section soon). The first one was done in order of birth date and the second one was done in order of birth weight. It was interesting to see the difference in positions 😛

On Monday I took Laura walking in Maidenhead. First stop was Boulters Lock so that Laura could see a lock working, and from there we went over to Ray Mill Island to see the weir. We then drove to the Rowing Club so that we could walk along the Thames Path, looking at all the houses leading up to Bray. We walked past Rolf Harris’ place and when we got to the Fat Duck we turned around. In the afternoon Emma (good friend from my own school days) and Matt came over. They are over here holidaying with Matt’s family so took the opportunity to come and see where we live and meet Ella. Laura made an awesome dip for starters, Adrian made dinner and I made my own version of Eton mess for dessert – a good group effort. It was lovely to see Emma and Matt – Emma and I always have so much fun when we catch up, reminiscing about the fun times we had at school.

Yesterday we went to The Oracle (shopping centre in Reading) and wandered around. We were quite refrained, however I bought a couple of really nice jumpers and part of bubby Giorcelli’s present. This morning we went to bumps and babes, but made sure we were home in time for the tennis. It was a great day of tennis. We watched Tomic vs Djokovic and occasionally went to the other channel to watch Tsonga vs Federer. It was nice to have a slightly more slowly-paced day.

As you can see by the title, I am having a great time with Laura. She is enjoying doing the everyday things with us and we are doing LOTS of laughing.

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