First Jab & First Father’s Day

Last week was quite eventful. Apart from the usual social activities, I took Ella to the doctor on Monday for her check-up and to have her first set of immunisations. The doctor was quite impressed with how strong Ella is already and said that we are obviously doing a great job as we have a gorgeous content little baby. The nurse then said similar things before giving Ella 2 needles, one in each leg. As soon as the first one went in, Ella looked straight up at me and went from calm to hysterical in a split second, with tears gushing down her face. Before I had time to cry myself, the nurse was telling me to hold her on the other side so she could do the second needle in the other leg. It took quite a bit to calm Ella down afterwards, and I felt awful – I have never seen her cry like that. She eventually stopped crying and I just kept telling myself that a few tears now are much better than some nasty disease later on.

We went straight from there to our weekly catch up with mothers group, this time at Melissa’s house. Ella had a feed, but was quite unsettled. Usually she’ll happily sit on my lap looking around and having a good ol’ chat and smile to everyone, but on Monday she just wanted to be cuddled and rocked (which is totally understandable). All the girls commented that she was not herself and she was a bit more cuddly for a couple of days.

In general though, Ella is doing very well. She sits in her rocker/bouncer while we have our dinner and then she has her bath. She usually has her last feed around 8pm and then sleeps through until 4 or 5am. After that feed she then goes back to sleep until about 8 or 9am. Her mornings are spent in the bouncer ‘following’ me around doing the washing, ironing, cleaning etc. She’s such a good baby!!

Yesterday was Father’s Day here in England so we spent the day spoiling Adrian as much as possible. In the morning he opened his presents and cards and then had breakfast in bed. We then got ourselves and Ella ready and headed down to church. Afterwards, we had a chat with a few people and then came home to get ready for our picnic. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very good so we had a picnic on the loungeroom floor instead. Adrian decided in the afternoon that he’d like to go to a pub for dessert so we found a lovely pub in White Waltham that we hadn’t been to before, called the Beehive. We had our dessert and then came home to continue our lazy afternoon watching TV and eating leftover picnic food for dinner. Adrian thoroughly enjoyed his day and got LOTS of smiles and cuddles from Ella.

So, some more firsts out of the way. Will post some photos and videos as soon as we can 🙂

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