And Then There Were 3

Last Friday we said our goodbyes to Mum and Dad (Nanna and Poppa) as they headed back home on the VERY long plane trip. We spent the day pottering about and went for a walk along the river in Maidenhead, then after dinner Adrian dropped them off at the airport while Ella and I stayed at home (crying). We had a friend over on the Saturday and then as it was raining on Sunday we had a lazy day watching TV and playing with Ella.

The 3 of us have survived our first week, and more importantly I have survived my first week doing all the housework myself. Ella is a good girl in the mornings and sits in her bouncer while I do the washing, have a shower, do my exercises and some days even do a spot of ironing (I know, it’s a miracle!). We’ve kept busy, going for nice long walks every day as well as catching up with friends. You know me, I’ve always been a social butterfly and now Ella just comes with me and entertains everyone with her gorgeous smile and funny noises (especially while eating).

On Thursday I took Ella for her 6-8 week check-up with the health visitor. They basically weighed her, talked to me about how she’s been doing and that was about it – I am happy and doing well so there wasn’t much to talk about. Ella now weighs a healthy 4.72kg which is 10 pounds 6, still in the 50th percentile. The health visitor was happy that she has maintained a steady increase in weight since birth which is great.

Toby and Dave are arriving any minute to have lunch with us and then we are planning on attending the morning service at church tomorrow, since it’s much better timing. The evening service is right when she normally has a feed, bath and then bed so it seems silly to disrupt that, especially when she’s still sleeping 7-9 hours every night!!

Not surprisingly the volume of photo taking has decreased dramatically this week, but we’ll try and take some more and post them, even if it’s just her in cute outfits 🙂

I want to take this opportunity to brag about how wonderful my parents are. Mum had always said she wanted to be here to support and help us for the first 6 weeks and that’s exactly what they did. Having them here made such a difference and meant we were all able to settle into some sort of routine. More importantly it meant we were all relaxed and just took things as they came, trying different techniques, positions etc and I think that has played a huge part in why Ella is such a little angel for us (of course it is also partly because she has awesome parents). There isn’t anything we can say or do to thank Mum and Dad enough, but they know how much we love them and we will always cherish the special time we were able to share as a new little family. Enough said ….. xoxo

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