Ella’s First Day at School

On Friday, Ella was feeling much better and looking brighter, so I went ahead with my plan to take her to school (work). We went at lunchtime so I could introduce her to people in the staffroom and then I went to afternoon registration to meet my tutor group. I hadn’t told them I was coming so they were very excited to meet her. We practically got mobbed walking across the playground! From there I went to show her off to my Maths colleagues and ended up giving her a feed in one of the offices. Then we went to the English office for more cuddles before packing up and heading to the pub. The others were sitting outside, but the sun disappeared and it got quite cool. A few of us decided to make a move, since we were going to Vera’s place anyway.

Vera works in the Science department (I am friends with most of that department too) and has recently had some major surgery done on her knee. She is recovering well so invited people to her house for drinks after school. I was there with Ella and Naomi and Melissa were also there with their babies, both of whom are called Noah. There is a cute photo of the 3 babies in their car seat – Ella is in the middle of the 2 boys looking very cute, as always 🙂

Ella and I got home in time for dinner and then it was time to pack for our big adventure to Wales – our first family holiday!

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