Blenheim Palace

As you have probably noticed, we’ve been a bit slack with the blog. Unfortunately for me, I now have several things to catch up on, so will do that now while Mum and Dad are here, in case Ella needs cuddles.

So ….. last weekend we hired a bigger car and went to Blenheim Palace for the day on Saturday. It’s just near Oxford, so took a little under an hour to get there. Blenheim Palace is set on 2000 acres of land and was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. We started the day by having a look through the palace itself, but Ella decided she wanted to be fed, so we had to walk very quickly through the one way system. I was carrying Ella at the time and was interested at the 2 distinct looks I got from people. The first was a ‘you poor thing, she’s so cute’ type of smile and the second was a ‘what an earth are you doing in here with a baby, I can’t hear my guide’ type of frown! Needless to say I didn’t see much, but I got the general idea. We figured we may as well have our lunch at the same time, so found a table at the Water Terrace Cafe.

After lunch, we went on the lakeside walk, which was lovely. It took us around past the boathouse, cascades, rose gardens etc and eventually back to where we started near the water terrace. Being the good English tourists that we are, we then had afternoon tea (scones with jam and cream) and then while I fed Ella, Mum and Dad went for a wander to see what they could see. What they found was hundreds of ladies (some with their husbands) dressed in pink walking either a 10 or 20 mile distance to raise money for cancer research. There are other areas in the Palace gardens, such as a butterfly house and children’s adventure playground, but we decided we were too big and Ella was too small. So we called it quits and went home, having had a lovely day out in the fresh air.

On the Sunday we all went to Wanda and Alan’s place for lunch, where we did the usual talk, eat, laugh, eat and talk some more. The only thing different from our normal Sunday lunch at their place was that we also spent some time looking at Ella 🙂

The rest of the week was quiet as Ella had a cold. I took her to the doctor on Monday to make sue she didn’t have an infection, which she didn’t. I didn’t want her to be out in the cold air, so we spent most of the week inside. The only thing we did was go to the antenatal class that started after ours so we could share our experience and of course show of Ella.

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