Ella’s Baptism

We all got up early to get ready for the big day, and Ella and I were the last ones to get dressed. I did my hair and makeup before feeding Ella, with us both in our pyjamas. Then while I put my outfit on, Adrian and Mum got Ella dressed (I’m not quite sure what Dad was doing, probably running around sorting out the camera). We took lots of photos and then piled into the car to go to church. Oh, I should probably mention that Ella was a very good girl and threw up all over me and the lounge BEFORE we got dressed.

Once at the church, we greeted our friends as they arrived and again took more photos. The service itself was lovely and Ella was perfect – she didn’t even cry when Will (the Vicar) poured the water on her head. It was very special to have the church welcome her into their family. One of my favourite moments of the day was just after the Baptism itself, I gave Ella to Wanda (her Godmother) for cuddles. Ella was starting to get a bit fussy so when it was time for the next song Wanda stood holding Ella out in front of her so that Ella could see her. Ella spent the entire song looking lovingly at Wanda while she sang to her.

After the service, we all had morning tea in the hall and then about 20 of our friends joined us at our house to continue celebrating. We did a mock cutting of the cake with Wanda and Alan and then spent the rest of the morning (and afternoon) talking and passing Ella around for cuddles. She stayed asleep for most of the time, only waking up for a feed. Some of our friends came in the afternoon and then once everyone had gone, we took our time opening all the lovely presents we (on Ella’s behalf) had received. We then had leftovers for dinner before getting Ella settled for the evening.

Ella (and us, if I do say so myself) looked absolutely beautiful and it was a very special day. Ella was a little angel and we were very proud parents. A special thank you to Wanda and Alan, Ella’s Godparents) who welcomed us into their family and have now welcomed Ella as well. Also we were very glad that Mum and Dad could be here to share in such a special occasion.

Adrian is currently trying to sort out the video and I am in charge of photos. I may not have time to put them up tonight, but will put them up in the morning.

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