Out & About with Ella

After we said a difficult goodbye to Katharine and Eenie on the Friday (after watching the royal wedding together), we spent the weekend relaxing and catching up with photos, housework etc. Unfortunately Adrian went back to work last Tuesday, but Ella and I have been walking down to the train station each evening to ‘collect’ Daddy. It is a nice little ritual for Ella and I as it means we get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and Adrian gets to spend a bit of extra time with us – every minute is special.

After Adrian went back to work, I did what I do best – socialise! I’ve spent my time going on little adventures to bumps and babes on a Wednesday, going to people’s houses and having people come here. When I’m not socialising, I’m doing things with Mum and Dad – we’ve been on several walks into town, and a few shopping trips too, one of which was to Reading for a new Baptism outfit (for me, Ella already has hers).

Last weekend Mum and Dad hired a bigger car so that we could go exploring together. They went out for the day on Friday to Bletchley park and left Ella and I to do our own thing, which was nice (although it was also nice to have them back in the evening too). On the Saturday we piled the pram, baby carrier, nappy bag, camera, and of course the car seat into the nice Ford Mondeo and headed off to the coast again. This time Hilary and Andy met us down there at their holiday house in the Witterings and we spent the day with them. We had lunch at their place and then after I fed Ella we went for a walk around the area and then for a drive. First stop was Itchenor, where we sat on the harbour watching the boats. Andy said he enjoys watching people putting their boats in the water, especially when they don’t realise the depth of water drops so suddenly – apparently you can often see people in knee deep water and after the next step it’s shoulder deep. Then we drove around to Bosham, which has a road around the harbour called the Shore Road. This road is subject to flooding with the tides, so again Andy has fun watching people. The silly ones that don’t read the signs park their cars on the edge of the road only to find them with water up to their windows when they return. We drove all around the Shore Road and back home again, and rather than stay for dinner we headed home. We stopped at a services on the way to feed Ella (and ourselves).

Since then, the only thing of note (other than more socialising) is that we managed to get Ella’s passport photo for her British passport. We took her to the phot shop in town and the guy set it all up. We just had to move her head slightly and hold her hands away from her face. The third photo was a keeper, which just proves how wonderful Ella is – she was even looking at the camera with her eyes open!! So we’ve put the paperwork in for her British passport which we should get within a couple of weeks.

Adrian has just put up some more photos of Ella. She is changing so much – they really do grow up quickly. She’s very strong, holding her head up for almost a minute at a time. She has started smiling in response to certain things (as opposed to the involuntary smiles we got initially) and even gave a little giggle when Dad was being silly with her (video to come). She also copies things we do, especially poking her tongue out. She is starting to hold toys, but only if we give them to her, she’s not grabbing anything yet. Basically, she’s very alert. She’ll turn around when she hears my voice, she watches her toys or us and is generally a real cutie! We may be biased, but we think she is just adorable and very clever.

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