The Adventures of Ella

First up, a bit of house keeping. We’ve fixed a few problems with watching the videos in Internet Explorer so if they appeared to take forever to download and never start playing before, you might want to try them again.

On Tuesday we headed down to the town hall to officially register Ella’s birth. Surprisingly we weren’t asked for any form of ID or any proof that we’d even had a baby (the rest of the crew were looking after Ella for us) but we should get a birth certificate back early next week so she’ll be all official (and British). The next step will be to make her officially an Aussie too. To round out the paper work Adrian is now eligible for British citizenship so we’ll get those forms filled out as well and send it off so we’ll be a whole family of dual-citizenships.

Then on Tuesday afternoon we had our last visit from the mid-wife. She weighed Ella again and she’s nearly back up to her birth weight which is excellent. Everything seems to be going well. From here we get referred on to our local health visitor who comes to visit occasionally to weigh Ella and do general check ups.

Since before Ella was born, Aunty Katharine has wanted to introduce her to the beach, so on Wednesday we all piled into the van we’ve hired and headed off down to the Witterings. We had a nice lunch and then headed down to the actual beach front. In true English fashion is was a bit cold and windy so we didn’t stay long with Ella but got a few nice photos with the beach as a back drop. After a feed for Ella we headed off again in the van to Brighton since the Aussie troupe hadn’t been there before. We had a nice stroll out along the pier and back before heading home. Ella did very well with her first full day out, sleeping most of the time either in the car, her pram or in the baby carrier strapped to Daddy’s chest.

On Thursday Eenie took us out for a loverly pub lunch giving us the opportunity to introduce our daughter to the pub (at 11 days old – not too shabby). On the way home we also got to drive past Janet’s school so Eenie could see where she worked. We then spent the afternoon posing for photos and managed to get a nice one of all of us.

Unfortunately Katharine and Eenie are headed home tomorrow evening but it has been wonderful to have everyone here and we’ll be sad to see them go. There’s also some big wedding thing going on tomorrow which we may watch and I’ve been promised scones (pronounced with a long o since we’re being posh) so that’s something to look forward to.

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