Due Date has Arrived, But no Baby …

Mum and Dad have arrived and so has the due date, but no sign of the baby yet …

Adrian and I woke up very early on Tuesday morning to meet Mum and Dad at the airport at 6am. That’s when their flight landed and they were out through customs with their bags giving us a hug at about 6.45am. Adrian caught the train from the airport into work and I took Mum and Dad home to get settled. We spent the day doing groceries, going to the big Mothercare in Slough and just generally pottering about so that they wouldn’t fall asleep. Dad lasted until just before 8pm and Mum until just after 9pm.

On Wednesday morning Mum and I went to a baby shower for Laura and I that the ladies from our homegroup had organised. We had morning tea at Philippa’s house and had fun playing silly games. By the time we got a few things at the shop, we weren’t home until mid afternoon. We had an early dinner and then Mum and I went back out, this time to school for the big music concert. Everyone did a fabulous job, and the ‘staff choir’ was awesome – wish I could’ve been up there with them.

We didn’t do much on Thursday and then yesterday I went to the pub with my mates from school. As it’s the end of term, school finished early, so I met them there at 1.30 for lunch. I stayed for several hours enjoying the sunshine and then when I got home the 4 of us decided it would be nice to eat in the garden, so Mum cooked and we took our plates downstairs.

Today was beautiful weather again so we had decided to go out to a pub for lunch and sit outside. In the meantime Natalie asked if we’d like to join them for lunch, so we ended up meeting them in Marlow for a picnic by the river. We met them outside Waitrose, bought some food, and then walked to the river. We of course had an ice cream for dessert and have just arrived home now.

I have added 3 more photos to the bump photos album – one of just me, one with Mum and Dad and one with Adrian. As there are only 8 hours of today left, I don’t think the baby is going to arrive on its due date, but that’s ok. Will keep you posted 🙂

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