The Special Month has Arrived

I’ve had another good, relaxing week filled with different bits and pieces. On Monday night all of the pregnant ladies got together for the evening, to get to know each other better and hear some words of wisdom from those who are having their second or third child. We had a lovely night, so hopefully we can continue to meet up once the babies have arrived. On Wednesday I went down to the bumps and babes session at church, and this time there were quite a few new babies (only weeks old) and I even got to cuddle one of them. Jo came over for dinner and we had a great time catching up – I even managed to successfully make individual cottage pies that tasted pretty good (if I do say so myself).

On Thursday, Philippa came over late morning and we had an easy lunch. It had been ages since we had a proper catch up, so it was lovely to have the time to just sit and talk. Then after school (work), Jess came over for a couple of hours. Of all our friends, Jess is probably the most excited and it’s so adorable – she’s almost as excited as our family! Wanda came over for a while on Friday morning before she went to work (it’s always nice to spend time with Wanda), and then in the evening Adrian and I went to the homegroup social. Every now and then we all get together for a meal, but unfortunately not everyone could make it this time. We had it at Sarah & Chris’ place and Sally & Andy and Greg were there too, so it was a nice number. Our ice cream slice went down a treat for dessert and we let Sarah and Chris keep the leftovers for their two little boys.

We had a fairly quiet weekend, just going out for a pub lunch on Saturday. Sunday was Mother’s Day over here so Adrian bought me a ‘Mummy’ card and wrote it from the baby. He said that even though the baby hasn’t been born yet, I’m still a Mum, which is true – he’s such a sweety. This morning I went to the midwife and all is well. As she is going away on Friday, she booked me in for my induction, which will be the 19th April. If nothing has happened before then I have been booked in for ‘sweeps’ on the 16th, 17th and 18th, but we are all hoping that it will come some time in the next week so that we don’t have to go down that route. So it’s about 5 days till due date and 15 days until induction – how exciting!!

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