My ‘Girly’ Week

Last Monday I went out and about to buy nursing bras and the last few bits and pieces for the nursery. On Tuesday I walked into town to meet Terry for lunch and then got a lift with her back to our place so she could see the nursery. She stayed for a couple of hours and then we called it a day. On Wednesday I went to the bumps and babes session again at church. The ladies I had met the previous week were glad to see me again and I met some new people too, which was nice. It will be nice to be able to introduce them to the baby when it arrives. Halina came around after school for a couple of hours, mostly to give me my present. She went to India just after she found out I was pregnant, so she bought a beautiful quilt from a shop that prides itself on never making the same item in the same print twice. Giving a quilt is a traditional family gift in India and the one she chose is absolutely wonderful, so we feel very blessed. (There are photos of it in the Baby Stuff album.) We then went to our antenatal class in the evening and I had a lazy day on Thursday. On Friday I went to Heather’s place for lunch so we could finally have a proper catch up. I left when she left to pick up Oliver from school, and then Karen came around on her way home from school to see the nursery and give me a little present for bubs. We had so much fun laughing and talking that we lost track of time until Adrian got home at 6.45pm!!

On Saturday Natalie came here and we walked up to Fredrick’s Spa together, where we each had a half hour treatment (I had a mum-to-be foot and leg treatment) and then relaxed with a magazine by the pool. After a while we decided it was a waste being inside when it was such a perfect day, so we walked back here and hopped in Natalie’s car to find some afternoon tea. We were happy just to drive around until we found a nice pub, which is exactly what we did. We ended up at the Golden Ball (what a classic name for a pub) where we sat outside in the sun eating and talking. We had such a lovely afternoon together – Nat is always so much fun, even the mischief we got up to singing and dancing like idiots in the car! The poor people behind us 😛

On Sunday we went to the Marlow Donkey for Neil’s (Natalie’s husband) Birthday lunch. There were 8 of us – 5 South Africans, 2 Aussies and 1 Pom! The Donkey is Neil’s favourite pub coz it’s within walking distance of their house and the food is always really nice. We all headed home at about 5pm, relaxed for a bit and then headed off to church.

This morning I’ve been to see the midwife for a regular check-up. Everything is going according to plan. Sally said it was hard to tell if the baby was fully engaged, but it didn’t seem to be – still, it could be any day now. I am classed as full term now, with only 2 weeks and 4 days until my due date 🙂

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