All Things Babies

Last week was spent doing lots of baby things. On Tuesday I had a pregnancy massage that Michelle had organised for me. The lady comes to your house, so all I had to do was let her in and she did her thing. It was an hour long massage and it was total bliss, thanks Michelle. Then on Wednesday I went to the Bumps and Babes group that Debra runs in the church hall. Each week different people pop in, so the numbers vary. This time there were 4 other ladies, each with their babies who were approx. 5 months old. It was lovely to meet some new people and get some advice. In the afternoon I went to Mel’s flat (across the hall) to catch up with her and Megan, who is now 6 weeks old. I had lovely cuddles for a couple of hours and we talked about all sorts of stuff. In the evening we then had another of our antenatal classes at Debra’s house, which as always went very well. On Thursday night I went with Wanda to the St Mary’s evening at church, a once a month event where we hear about different things happening in our church family and then pray together in small groups. I also saw Wanda on Friday night, when I had to drop off the dessert I had made for Sunday lunch. Only after I started making it did I realise the ice cream slice wasn’t going to fit in our freezer – oops 😛

The rest of the week I spent time here and there making sure I had washed all the baby’s clothes and linen, as well as packing my hospital bag.

Then on Saturday I had my baby shower which I had been looking forward to for ages. Adrian dropped me down at the hairdressers in the morning to have my hair cut and coloured and then Halina picked me up when I was done. We went to Henley for a light lunch at a cafe, before meeting all my work friends (only the ladies of course) at Maison Blanc for afternoon tea. There were about 20 of us so we had the upstairs area to ourselves, which was great. The food was really nice (as you can see in the photos) and I got spoilt with lots of nice prezzies. It was really nice to catch up with everyone – I love not going to work, but it is strange not seeing my workmates on a daily basis. We all left at about 5pm and Halina brought me home and had a quick look at the nursery. I then showed Adrian all our goodies before having a nice relaxing bath (using one of the ‘bath bombs’ from Alex).

On Sunday we had a lazy morning, the only thing we did was put the car seat in the car. We put the base in and made sure we knew how to take the car seat in and out. We then went over to Wanda and Alan’s place for lunch. We did the usual – eat, talk and play games – until it was time to go to church. We always have a lovely time with Wanda and Alan, and yesterday was no different. Adrian and I even got cuddles from their cat 🙂

Photos from the baby shower are up … less than 4 weeks to go now!

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