Another Relaxing Week for Mummy Sutton

Since the last post, we’ve done all sorts of things. We had Toby and Dave here the Friday before last. I made spaghetti bolognese for dinner and we then played the Glee karaoke game on the Wii that Toby brought with him – so much fun! I sang at church on the Sunday and we had a meal afterwards.

Then on the Monday Pauline (recently retired from school) came over for afternoon tea. She bought me some bath soak and ducks. As she said a bathroom isn’t a bathroom without some ducks (photos are in the Baby Stuff album). On Tuesday I had an antenatal check up with the doctor, which all went according to plan and on Wednesday evening we had our first antenatal class at Debra’s house. There are 9 couples, including us and Melissa (from work) with us being the first ones due. We did some general get to know you type activities and she introduced us to a few of the important topics. On Thursday I went for a drive to pick up the exercise ball we’ve borrowed from Lucy, and got to catch up with her and Evan, which was really nice. Evan turned 1 in February and is already walking – he’s so adorable. On Friday I went to Muffie and Greg’s place for afternoon tea and then Hilary and Andy were here for dinner. We finally got to show them the nursery and they also gave us some goodies for the baby – a plate, bowl and some bottles (again, photos in the Baby Stuff album). They then chatted to us in the kitchen while we made dinner. I made a simple pasta dish and Adrian did sticky toffee pudding for dessert. It was nice to spend some time with them, especially since we worked out we hadn’t seen them since Christmas!!

On Saturday we had our full-day antenatal class, from 9.30-4.30. It was a long day, but a great day. We covered all sorts of things, including practising different positions, massage techniques, information on the different stages of labour, c-sections, basic baby care etc. Before lunch we each got a baby that we had to look after for the afternoon. They were approximate in size and weight to a 2-week old baby and we all (quite pathetically) grew quite attached to our plastic babies. By the end of the day we were a bit reluctant to put them away in the box. It was great to get to know some of the other people a bit better as well, it definitely feels more like a group now.

On Sunday we went to Wexham Park Hospital for a tour of the labour ward, birthing centre and Astor Suite (private rooms). It basically looks and feels like a hospital, but I’m glad my midwife has booked me in for the birthing centre as the rooms are much nicer and less like hospital rooms (with equipment everywhere).

I’ve crossed some more things off my to do list so there’s only a few more left to do. We now have less than 5 weeks till bubs arrives, so it really could be any day now! Debra says to watch out for the full moon on the 19th of this month, but she did say that with a big smile on her face 😛

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