My First Week Off

So this week hasn’t really felt any different as all my friends are off for half-term anyway, but it has been nice to not get up early and have the freedom to just potter about at my own pace.

I spent the first couple of days this week ticking some things off my to do list. You’ll all be pleased to hear that the first thing I did was look into the paperwork for the baby, so we now know exactly what forms we have to fill in to get the following documents in this exact order – register birth and get birth certificate, British passport, Australian citizenship, Australian passport. If we don’t think we’ll get the Australian documents sorted out in time, the baby can travel to Oz on an eVisitor visa, which is done instantly online.

Wednesday was my first day ‘preparing for motherhood’. I cleaned the entire flat (which although is small is quite a feat by yourself), did a couple of loads of washing, groceries, baking and even one last bit of school work that needed to be done. After dinner I went to Kate’s place where I was joined by 3 other ladies from church – Wanda, Helen (who did our ultrasounds) and Karen (who I’ve met a few times now and is good fun). The plan was to have a movie night, so of course we all arrived with food, socks/slippers and the first task was to choose the DVD. This was entertainment in itself as we ended up with all the DVDs sprawled out on the floor, but we finally decided on Head Above Water, classed as a black comedy. It was a great laugh and we decided that, after a quick cake break, we should watch another one. The second choice was My Best Friend’s Wedding which is one of my all-time favourites. We all headed home about midnight having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and wishing we could do it more often.

Yesterday morning Sophie (a friend from school) came around for morning tea with her 9 month old daughter Celia, who is just adorable. It was really nice to catch up and Sophie also bought me a little present – a book to fill in with all the bits and pieces from the baby’s first year and these awesome foot soothers, which are basically giant teabags that you soak in warm water and then put your feet in.

In the last couple of days I also received in the mail a 1hr pregnancy massage that Michelle had organised for me. The lady comes to your home so I don’t even have to go out – perfect! Paul and Michelle also sent over a gorgeous ‘winter suit’ that should be the perfect size for the baby’s first Winter at the end of this year. Adrian and I see kids in these suits during Winter and it was something we were definitely going to buy coz they’re always so cute, so now we don’t have to. Thanks Paul and Michelle.

I’ve added a couple of photos of the presents, and put them in the Baby Stuff album. Will keep you posted on what I get up to each week, but for now the countdown begins – 6 weeks (give or take) until Baby Sutton will be welcomed into the world!!!! 🙂

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