Last Day of Work

Friday was my last day at work for a WHOLE year! I had a lovely day and was very spoilt. We had year group assembly in the morning so Amanda (my Head of Year) said a few words on behalf of everyone and all the kids wished me well. At break time, the staff came over for ‘break for cake’ and the Head said the farewell on behalf of the staff and presented me with my gift. Then at lunch time, the Maths department gathered so that Mark could say nice things about me. Then finally in afternoon registration my tutor group presented me with a bag of goodies. They had all put money in (which they insisted on telling me was their money) and a couple of the girls went to Mamas & Papas to pick out a couple of things. I also got a few individual presents from some of the students in my tutor group. The day was topped off with two beautiful bunches of flowers – one from Katharine and one from the Maths department. There are photos of my goodies and flowers on the website.

Being my last day and the last day of half-term (not that we even need an excuse these days), we all headed down to the local pub after school. Quite a few people came that don’t normally, to see me off, which was very nice of them. There were a couple of groups of us, which eventually shrunk, merged and shrunk again. When it was getting close to 7pm we decided we should probably all go home to our families 😛 I basically got home, showed Adrian my goodies, got changed and we went straight back out again. We met Wanda and Alan at The Old Devil Inn for a lovely meal together and a good laugh (as always).

Yesterday we pottered about in the morning and then went to see The King’s Speech in the afternoon, which is a great movie for those who haven’t seen it yet. Today we’ve been out for a drive, had lunch at Henley, bought a sandwich toaster and are now just catching up on emails and playing piano.

It did feel a bit strange on Friday and I got a bit teary saying goodbye to my tutor group, especially when none of them wanted to leave when the bell went. It hasn’t really sunk in yet though as everyone has this week off. I don’t think it will really hit me until everyone else goes back to work and I don’t. Either way, I’m looking forward to relaxing and having some time to myself before bubs arrives.

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