We spent the day today setting up the nursery. In the morning we put together the crib that will be in our room for the first little while so that it’s easy to just reach over and rock the baby to sleep. Sandy and Richard were kind enough to buy us that little luxury — it’s been here for a while so it was exciting to finally set it up.

Then after lunch, Wanda and Alan brought their van and we went into town to pick up the cot and change table that we’d bought a couple of months ago. The girls relaxed with a hot chocolate while the two men put the cot together. Unfortunately one of the latches for the sliding side was broken but we still managed to get it all together and the shop are going to send out a replacement for that part.

Janet and I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening pulling all the baby stuff back out of the cupboard and setting everything up. It’s really amazing how the room has suddenly transformed from what was a home office to a really beautiful nursery.

There are some photos of it all set up on the site and a video below as well (you’ll have to visit the actual site to see it as it won’t work in email).

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