New Site Design

Janet and I have spent some time during our holidays to create a new baby themed look for the site. Take a moment to go visit the site and take a look. Janet was responsible for the design and colour scheme (she’s particular proud of the header) and I was in charge of making it all work.

I’ve also redone the photo display to fix a few issues people have had with it. You can either pick a particular photo from the list at the bottom, click the current photo to go to the next one or press the play button and it will do a slide show.

If you’re using Internet Explorer it should all work, but will be a bit more basic than with other browsers. I’d recommend you install the Chrome Frame plugin. It installs in just a couple of clicks so really easy and then for sites like ours that opt-in to use it will just make Internet Explorer run a bit faster and work a bit better. Sites that aren’t designed to use it won’t be affected at all so it won’t break anything.

Anyway, take a look at the site and let me know if you have any issues.

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