Happy New Year

On Friday night, Toby and Dave came over to help us see in the new year. We played games, ate food and laughed a lot. When they arrived they had with them a present for the baby (and us coz they both know we’re big kids). It is a sheep that can be used as a pillow/cushion (when the baby is a bit older) or you can use the special velcro bits to turn it into a toy. It’s such an awesome present coz it’s so soft and adorable and I’m sure our child will love it as much as we do. It’s hard to describe though, so I’ve put photos in the Baby Stuff album.

We all headed to bed at about 2am and then woke up reasonably early for pancakes. The previous day Adrian had disassembled the desk so that Toby and Dave could have it, so they took that down to the car while I made the pancakes. We said goodbye at about 10am so that Adrian and I could go to Hurley (near Henley) to meet up with a group of people from church (about 40 of us in total) for a new years day walk. I had asked Kate whether the walk would be ‘pregnant lady’ friendly and she said it was quite a nice walk through the countryside with just one big hill. She was right, there was only one hill, but it was BIG. It wasn’t very steep, just never-ending! Nevertheless we had a lovely 2 hour walk, chatting to friends along the way, came home for an easy lunch and then spent the afternoon doing what we do best at the moment – nothing.

2011 promises to be a very exciting year for us, and we hope it’s a good one for you all as well, full of happy memories with family and friends.

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