Christmas 2010

The snow eased up enough that I was able to go to the carol service on Sunday night and then out with Melissa to visit Lucy and Evan on Monday morning. Since it had started snowing again I decided to go to Waitrose while I still could to stock up on food for the week. I spent the week doing bits and pieces before meeting Adrian in town on Thursday for his farewell lunch at Ephox. We went to Francesco’s and Natalie and Tracey paid for our lunch, which was nice. That night we picked Hilary up and went to the Panto in Woking. This year it was Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs and it was great. The 3 of us had lots of fun being big kids and laughing a lot!

Before we knew it, Christmas Eve was upon us and it was time to do baking, washing, ironing etc in preparation for Christmas. We made mars bar slice, apricot balls and a nice potato side dish, all to take to Wanda and Alan’s place. (Next time, though, we need to make a double batch of mars bar slice, as we only have about 4 pieces left!)

In the evening we opened some of our presents and then rang our Australian relatives. As usual we were very spoilt, with clothes, games, jewellery and other nice things. We especially love our novelty shirts from Mum and Dad and Eenie too. You’ll have to look at the photos – I can’t do them justice on here.

On Christmas morning we opened the rest of our presents, rang a few more people and then went to church. After church, we came home and I gave Mum another ring to see how their Christmas lunch had been. We then got ourselves ready and headed off to Wanda and Alan’s place. We got there at about midday and once most of the food was ready we exchanged presents. They got us a huge 800g tin of hot chocolate and a wooden advent calendar for ‘creating future family memories’. We then played a couple of rounds of the monopoly game we bought them before lunch. They had their 4 ‘kids’ (aged about 16 to 23) home, which involved 3 of them coming home from uni, so it was a full house. We had turkey with all the trimmings and decided we needed a rest before second course. We played some more games for a while and then sat down again for dessert. After that, you guessed it, we played more games. Once we were all brain-drained, we had a quick sing-along with Alan on guitar while we waited for everyone to get settled ready to watch Toy Story 3. Time got away from us so we headed home after the DVD was over. We got home at about 9.45pm and headed straight to bed. Thanks to Wanda and Alan (and Kim, Camille, Erik and Nicole) for having us. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to be with family on Christmas Day doing the traditional thing of stuffing ourselves silly and playing games.

Today, being Boxing Day, we are catching up on some washing and other chores, but mostly playing with our new toys. I imagine that’s what we’ll be doing over the next few days until New Year. It seems like this week is going to give us mostly good weather and it appears to be warming up to temperatures of above zero. With a bit of luck, the ice/snow will all melt and we’ll be able to go for a walk somewhere.

I hope that wherever you were for Christmas you had a lovely day and that you enjoy looking through our photos. There aren’t many, so it won’t take you long 🙂

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