The Festive Season

So we’ve posted our Christmas letter, but we’ve also been busy in the last couple of weeks getting into the festive spirit. The Christmas festivities started for me on the last Friday of November when we had our school Christmas Fair. My tutor group decided this year that they would like to have a chocolate fountain stall, selling skewers of fruits, marshmallows etc. There was a lot of preparation involved, but the students (and some of their parents) were fantastic and we ended up raising close to £100 which is a pretty good effort for 2 hours!!

A couple of weeks later (after having 4 days off work sick) we had the homegroup Christmas social. We all went to Philippa and Trevor’s house in Windsor for a meal and secret santa. It was lots of fun and there was of course lots of laughing and talking. The next day we went back into school in the evening for the production of Oliver, which was fantastic. A couple of the girls from my tutor group were in the Chorus and did a fantastic job. Then on the Friday we went straight from school to Freda’s house for the Maths department social. Everyone brought something to eat or drink and we again sat around eating and talking which was great.

On the Saturday morning I got my hair cut and then we cleaned the house, before heading off after lunch to Hilary and Andy’s place to go and buy this year’s Christmas tree. After looking at what seemed like a million trees, we fond the perfect one and brought it home ready to decorate. Hilary and Andy left us to it, and we spent the afternoon decorating the tree and the flat ready for our annual Christmas tree party. We managed to squeeze about 20 of us into the lounge room, although at one point most of the men were in the kitchen talking. There was a mixture of my friends from school and our friends from church and it was another very successful evening. We were even spoilt enough to receive some new decorations for the tree.

On the Sunday evening we had the first of 2 carol services at church. I was supposed to sing at that one, but because I was sick I couldn’t attend the rehearsals and had to pull out. It was a shame, but I enjoyed just being there. On the Monday night a group of staff and students met at the local Waitrose to sing carols for an hour or so. It is always freezing, but a lot of fun, and this year was no different. At one point I had to go and stand in the doorway so I could catch the blast of warm air that was coming down from the heating vent. Adrian caught the train and met us there which was nice as it meant we had a male voice, which was especially appreciated since Toby wasn’t there this year.

The Wednesday night was the school carol service and as I have been working with the choir all term I was looking forward to hearing them. Frances (my friend who runs the choir) asked if I would sing with the altos to boost their confidence, which I was more than happy to do. In fact, I loved it! I didn’t realise how much I missed singing with a choir until I performed with them on Wednesday night.

Friday was the last day of school for the term so we had achievement assemblies, rock concerts, tutor time etc and finished at 1pm. The staff then had Christmas lunch and afterwards a group of us went to the local pub for a couple of hours. It has been a difficult term, but a good one, and we have all definitely earned our 2 weeks off. We then went out for Adrian’s work Christmas dinner to the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield, which is an undescribable place. Awesome atmosphere and lovely food. The cocktail list was HUGE and they even had half a page of non-alcoholic cocktails, of which I had one, which was awesome!

It has snowed quite heavily overnight and only just stopped after lunch, so there is now a very thick blanket of snow covering everything, including the car. Adrian went for a walk to the service station to get milk and bread which will keep us going for a few days until we can manage to get to the shops for more supplies. It is not supposed to snow heavily again, but it looks like we will be having a ‘white’ Christmas again this year (sorry Dad).

Well that’s about it for now. I’ve put some photos up from our Christmas tree party as well as the latest baby stuff. Thanks also to Poppie Paul and Michelle for the baby’s ‘-first’ Christmas present (2 white wondersuits). Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas. Can you believe 2010 is nearly over?! Lots of love for now xoxo

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