This morning we booked our flights back to Oz for August/September 2011. Our itinerary is as follows:

London to Dubai – flight EK006 – leaving Wednesday 17 August 22.15
Dubai to Brisbane – flight EK434 – arriving Friday 19 August 06.40

Brisbane to Dubai – flight EK433 – leaving Friday 9 September 02.30
Dubai to London – flight EK003 – arriving Friday 9 September 18.40

Our other big purchase today was a futon for the nursery. When we have visitors it will act as a bed, but otherwise it will be somewhere we can sit to feed the baby, read to it etc. If you follow the link, we bought it in the chocolate colour, with the 2 cushions on the end to act as arm rests. It is very comfortable as a sofa, with a nice high back, and was quite good as a bed too, so hopefully our visitors will be nice and comfy 🙂

Our poor little credit card has had a hard month, so we’re going to give it a break for a while …

3 Replies to “More Big Spending”

  1. Dear Janet and Adrian
    I have booked the spare room and the baby’s room – hope he/she likes Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!!
    Thank you -“our” bed looks very comfortable!!
    Can’t wait!
    lots of love
    Mum (AKA Sandy) XO XO XO

  2. YAY!The Baily’s (but especially Laura) need to “book you” (in advance because your time fills up very quickly) for at least one (if not two) dinner 😀
    Lots of love!
    Laura xxxooo

  3. YAY indeed, and of course we will come and have dinners (plural) with you guys. Depending on what the baby is like at different times of the day, we may be better off coming to your place during the day on a weekend or something. But definitely want to catch up with you and the rest of the Baily crew!! 🙂

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