20 Week Scan

This afternoon we went for our 20 week scan and it was absolutely amazing! We were there for about 15 minutes while she carefully measured all the different parts of the body. Everything is exactly as it should be and the baby is very active. It started off lying on its belly, but then moved so it was on its back. We could see it clenching and opening its fist and at one point it looked like it was trying to grab its foot. We could also see the spine really clearly, and even tiny things like the lips. We were mesmerised, just staring at the screen the whole time. To put it into perspective, the measurement of the head at this scan was the length of the whole baby at the 12 week scan – no wonder I’m looking bigger and bigger each week!

The 3 pictures below are very similar but on one of them you can actually see its feet well enough to count the toes. Unfortunately the quality of the photo once its been scanned isn’t quite as good as the real thing, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it.

Unless something goes wrong, this will be the last time we (and you) get to see the baby until its born – the countdown’s on!!

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