Baby Buying Spree

We had a very productive day today. First we went to Mamas and Papas and bought a body pillow to help Janet sleep more comfortably. Then we had lunch and went to Julia’s (friend from school) house where we were hoping to buy a second hand pram/pushchair from her nephew. They hadn’t used it for long and looked after it, so it was perfect. They also had all the attachments like the umbrella, rain cover etc. It’s a Silver Cross 3D black one.

After that we went to the big Mothercare to look at car seats. The lady came out to see what type our car would be able to take and in the end we bought a Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix with an Easy Base 2 base. The one on the website is all red, but ours is a combination of red and black. The base is firmly held in with the seatbelt and the infant carrier then locks into place on the base. It is very easy to just clip the carrier in and out and this particular model is the one everyone raves about.

Finally we went to Bear Necessities in Maidenhead to look at their cots. We really like the bamboo one so decided, after looking at several other shops, that we would buy it then and there. So we bought the bamboo cotbed and the bamboo change table. The cotbed has a drop-down side for when they are a baby and then the bed converts to being a toddler bed (without sides).

The only other thing we bought was the baby carrier, which we ordered online when we got home. While we were in Mamas and Papas we tried theirs on, but decided we preferred the one we had tried on at the baby show, so we bought the green one.

Also, during the week we received two special parcels. The first was an awesome playmat from Fran (the same as the one we bought her when she was expecting Sarina). The second parcel was from Mum and Dad – a beautiful knitted white layette complete with matching booties and bonnet.

So all in all it has been a great week for the baby, and has made it even more real for us. Next Tuesday is our 20 week scan so we will be sure to post the latest picture of bubs 🙂

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