Half-term and Other Antics

I realised it’s been several weeks since we posted anything, so with it being half-term I thought now would be the perfect opportunity.

A few weeks ago we met Toby and Dave in town for dinner before seeing Legally Blonde together. It was a fantastic show and if it ever comes to Oz you have to go and see it. Those in England, you have no excuse! It is just like the movie, only with singing and dancing. It was really nice to catch up with Toby and Dave, especially since I don’t get to see Toby at school anymore. We also caught up the following week for Toby’s Birthday which was lots of fun.

Last Saturday we went into London for the Baby Show, mostly just to get ideas. There were so many different exhibitors – it was very easy to get lost and confused. We got lots of hints and tips (and free stuff) and the only thing we bought was a nappy bag. The reason we bought it then and there was because we were so impressed with it. You can use it as a shoulder bag or a backpack, but all the straps tuck away so it’s not messy. It also comes with the actual nappy bag, changing mat, bottle warmer etc. Have a look for yourself – http://www.babymule.co.uk/ I also tried on one of the baby carriers, which was very comfy and hardly felt like I was carrying the baby (lifelike doll they use). That particular one was quite expensive (http://www.cheekyrascals.co.uk/?menuId=23&pageId=1599) but may be worth it if it’s going to provide the best support for both us and the baby.

After the baby show I went to a Next store outside Reading that actually sells maternity clothes in store, which not many of them do. I bought some new tops, jeans and a really nice cardigan. I’ve since bought another top and dress from two different shops during half-term so I’m pretty much set now.

This week I have done what I usually do on half-term – relax and socialise. I’ve had people over for morning tea, afternoon tea, dinner, I’ve been out for lunch, shopping trips etc. Tonight we are going to see Don’t Stop Believin’ which is a tribute show with all the popular songs from Glee. My friend Biggs got it for me as an end of year gift in the Summer – front row seats and everything!!

Other than that, we have just been starting to get organised and thinking about baby lists. We’ve been to Mothercare a couple of times to look at prams and car seats and we’ve spoken to our landlady about getting rid of the bed in the spare room to free up some space.

Adrian is still very much enjoying his piano and plays it most afternoons when he gets home from work. I sometimes join him for a sing-along and I have had the clarinet out a few times, as well as singing along to the singing music I bought. I’ve also been singing at church quite a bit recently. There was a women’s event on the same day we went into London with Toby and Dave, so I sang in the morning and then left after the first session. I’ve also sung the past 3 weeks in a row at church, only 1 of which was scheduled, the others were to fill in for a friend who was unwell. I’ve loved it, but I’ve got a break now for a few weeks before it’s my turn again.

All is well with us and the baby – 17 weeks now. We have another midwife appointment on Monday, so we will be sure to let you all know how that goes. 8 weeks until Christmas, so I’ve started writing my list of presents. There are just a few more I need to think of and then I can start buying them so that I’m organised. That means it’s only a few weeks until it’s time to write our Christmas letter! How time flies! Who would believe it’s November on Monday?!

Hope you are all well, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us with your news. Lots of love xoxo

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