Janet’s Birthday

After an interesting couple of days back at school, it was nice to have something to look forward to on the weekend. On Saturday morning I went to the shops for a few things and then to get my hair cut/coloured. After lunch, Adrian and I then started getting ready for my party. Hilary, Andy, Emily and Oliver came over at about 2.30 to help us set up and then people starting arriving from 3pm onwards. We had a lovely afternoon out in the garden, with mostly friends from school. It gave us all a good chance to catch up after the Summer holidays. We still had a bit of food left over this time, but not as much as last year, so I think we did quite well. After everyone had gone, Toby and Dave stayed to help us clear away and watch me open my presents. I did very well – flowers, photo album, journal, clutch bag with matching scarf, spa voucher, chocolates, board game etc.

Then this morning I opened all my cards and presents from family – jewellery, perfume, books, CDs etc. We had breakfast and then I spoke to everyone back in Oz which was nice, even if only briefly. After lunch I had a go at my new play-along clarinet books that Adrian bought me. There are some Disney books as well as a classical book, so it was a good mix. Other than that we’ve had a lazy day, which I’m making the most of since the kids come back to school tomorrow.

There are a few Birthday photos up now as well. Thank you all very much for my cards, presents and well wishes – I have been very spoilt 🙂

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