Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Several people asked us if we knew we were going to be the youngest on board, but we had a feeling that would happen. We didn’t mind at all – we still had a lot of fun, but without young people partying till all hours every night. We’ve made lots of new friends, some of which we will hopefully keep in touch with, even if just via email and our website.

The food on the ship was great – lovely and fresh, and the staff went to a lot of effort to make sure we were happy. The excursions were good value, the guides knew their stuff (except for that one in Yaroslavl) and it was a very relaxing, but educational, trip.

I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age – we have so many great memories 🙂

3 Replies to “Russia Summed Up”

  1. What a fantastic adventure you have had. Dad and I knew you would enjoy the river cruise and the lock system. What was the greatest change in water level in the locks that you travelled through??? Thank you for sharing it all with us. Can’t wait to see the photos.
    lots and lots of love
    Mum XO XO

  2. Hi Mum, I’m not sure about the change in water level – I don’t think I have that on any of our information ….. I’ll nag Adrian again for the photos. He’s doing his best, but it’s taking him a while to sort through them all and edit them. Hopefully they’ll be up soon xoxo

  3. Loved travelling through Russia with you – you did a wonderful job of describing it all and almost felt as if I was right there with you enjoying it all. Look forward to seeing the photos – take care much love from all in Leeton and especially me xxoo

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