Back in the UK

We arrived home early this morning after the long journey from Brisbane to London, via Singapore. The past two and a half weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable, spending precious time with family and friends. Adrian really enjoyed seeing his family in Townsville last weekend, and at the same time I loved seeing Nan, Aunty Maria and Uncle Dennis in Leeton. On the road trip from Canberra airport to Aunty Maria’s house I took photos of any interesting signs I could. Speaking of photos, I will be putting some up shortly, most likely in different categories. I’m just waiting on a few of my favourites from Katharine and Steve’s camera (that somehow didn’t make it onto our laptop with all the others) but otherwise they’re all ready to go.

It was also really nice to spend some time with Fran and Sarina (our Goddaughter) now that she is walking and talking – a big change to when I was visiting her as a 2-week-old baby.

Thanks to everyone back home for making us feel so welcome and loved, as always. It was hard to leave, but we’ll be back and visitors are always welcome 🙂

For those of you in the UK, we are heading off to Russia on Tuesday, so probably won’t get a chance to catch up with many of you. Hopefully you can all make it to my Birthday party though, so we’ll look forward to seeing you then.

Take care and lots of love from us both xoxo

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