Another Year of Teaching Under my Belt

Two Sundays ago (after buying Adrian’s digital piano on the Saturday) we had a picnic lunch with John and Terry at Cliveden. We had a lovely afternoon lazing on the grass by the river, and then going for a bit of a walk. On the Tuesday night it was Jo’s leaving do. Jo has been at The Piggott School for several years, but I got to know her more this year as a Year 7 tutor, and especially on the French trip. A group of us (including Adrian) went to Las Iguanas in Reading and had tapas, cocktails and lots of fun! The Wednesday was homegroup as usual and then Thursday evening was the KS3 Celebration Evening at school. I went to support the students, especially one of the boys from my tutor group who was receiving a special effort award for his improvement throughout the year. A few of us went for a drink afterwards, but had an early night ready for Friday …..

Friday night was the school Summer social, held at The Great House in Sonning again. This year was a BBQ except it wasn’t the best weather, so most people sat inside. It wasn’t long before we were up on the dance floor, and like always we had a great time dancing the night away. It was Toby’s last social so we had several dances together, including the last song for the evening – “I’ve had the time of my life”. There was all sorts of shenanigans throughout the night, mostly fuelled by other people having too much to drink, but all in all it was a good night.

The weekend was another busy one. On Saturday I went to Biggs’ leaving do, which was a picnic in Reading. I got there at about 1pm and people came and went throughout the afternoon, with everyone finally packing up around 5ish. We mostly just sat and talked, but also played frisbie and rounders. Then on the Sunday we had lunch at Wanda and Alan’s place, which is always nice. We went for a walk for about an hour, up through the fields. Their house is in one of those areas where you are surrounded by houses but after a 5 minute walk you are surrounded by fields and nature – so English. I was singing at church, so Adrian dropped Alan and I off early for practice. The other singer never showed, so I was on my own. That was ok until Matthew announced that we were doing the first verse of one of the songs without the congregation, as it hadn’t been sung in a service for a while. That meant I was doing a solo! I used to sing solo all the time, but it had been so long that I started to get a bit nervous. I ended up missing one of the notes due to nerves, but then I relaxed into it and was fine. I got several compliments at the end, mostly to do with how brave I was for being up there on my own. I got the taste for it, so now I want to do it more often ….. Toby and I might be singing at a friend’s daughter’s wedding, but that’s not a definite yet ….

The last few days of school were, of course, very busy. After school on Monday we had afternoon tea in the quadrangle to say goodbye to all the staff who were leaving. The weather was great and by the time we got through all the people leaving and retiring, it was about 4.30pm. I raced home, put something easy on for dinner, and we then met Hilary and Andy at The Crooked Billet for a drink. It had been ages since we’d last seen them and we obviously won’t get to see them over the Summer, so Monday night was our only window of opportunity. Then on Tuesday night we had dinner with Toby and Dave, which killed two birds with one stone. It was Dave’s Birthday, but it was also a chance to give Toby his leaving present. After dinner, we came back to our place and had a little sing-along with the piano. We both did well – no tears!

Wednesday was the last day of school so we had whole school assembly, two shortened lessons, tutor time and then achievement assembly. School finished at 1pm so we loaded all our goodies (from staff and students) into the car and headed off to the local pub for lunch. We joined several tables together and had a great end of year meal together. I only got a bit teary after I said goodbye to Toby at the car. Toby is a very good friend, and I know we will keep in touch, but I will miss seeing him every day at school …..

A few people went out for drinks in the evening, but I had a quiet night in with Adrian. Yesterday morning I went to Lucy’s place to catch up with her and bubby Evan (who is now 5 and a half months old). I had lots of cuddles with the most gorgeous baby I think I’ve ever seen and it was also really nice to hear all of Lucy’s news and fill her in on the staff gossip. After lunch I went to Melissa’s new house in Bourne End. We had afternoon tea in her gorgeous garden and then went for a walk down to the river, through the Marina and back up through town. Melissa’s new house is lovely and it was nice for her to show it off to someone.

Since then we’ve just been packing and getting organised for our flight tonight. We can’t wait to see everyone!! We’ll keep in touch via e-mail and the blog. Take care xoxo

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