Lack of Sleep Week

After getting back to school at midnight on Monday night (having had 15 hours of sleep across the previous 4 nights) we had an inset day at school on Tuesday, which means that there are no students. I arrived at school to find out that there had been a burst pipe which flooded our terrapin. There wasn’t too much damage, but the carpets were still wet and the furniture had all been moved. Some of our work/folders were ruined, but it was more a case of sorting everything out. Lisa told me to spend the time sorting through my folders to give to Adam next year, so I took them all over to the other terrapin to keep Jess company. We had a whole staff session before lunch and then the rest of the day was ours. I came home, had dinner, unpacked, sorted a few things out and went to bed fairly early.

I also found out on Tuesday that Dell Harbourne (my word processing teacher from MBC) had passed away on Monday. She had cancer, was in remission, but then fell ill with pneumonia and didn’t pull through. It was such a shock to hear that and I was devastated that I couldn’t be at the funeral on Friday. Dell was my teacher for a couple of years and I also worked with her during my internship, so I have very fond memories, mostly of her big smile and funny little phrases 🙂

It was our wedding anniversary on Wednesday – 3 whole years since we exchanged vows on that beautiful Winter’s day in Brisbane. It has been another big year for us, but the most important thing is that we still love each other dearly, and I count my blessings every day that I have Adrian in my life. We went to the Riverside Brasserie, in Bray, for the 3rd year in a row, hoping this year to get to sit outside. It was raining in the morning, but cleared up in the evening, so it was 3rd time lucky. The meal was lovely and the setting by the river was very peaceful.

Then on Thursday night we went out for Toby’s leaving dinner. Halina organised most of it, so Adrian and I picked her up and we made up a Toby quiz on the way. There were about 16 of us there for dinner and we had a lot of fun, laughing and joking like usual.

Last night I went back to school for the end of Year 7 party. It started with all sorts of activities on the field, including football and rounders (like a simplified version of softball) and then ended with a disco – yes, that means I (and some of the other staff) have been to 3 discos in less than a week!! It was another good night where the staff were able to let their hair down and dance like idiots with the kids. I have photos to prove it, but unfortunately they all have students in it except the one below.

This morning, after sleeping in till 11am to catch up on sleep, Adrian and I went to Maidenhead and then Reading to look at digital pianos for Adrian’s Birthday. We came home and bought one online – a Roland RP201 – so Adrian is a very happy boy 🙂

There is only a week and a half left of school here and we have about 5 or 6 events between now and then, mostly social outings, so you’ll no doubt hear from me again before we come home 🙂

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